Keller Technology Plays Critical Role in Taking X-Ray Laser to the Next Level

x-ray lazer

Keller Technology has played a key role in the production of SXR and HXR undulators for an LCLS-II free-electron laser. Keller Technology has been involved with the LCLS-II program at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) for the past five years. Keller Technology has manufactured the mechanical systems, frames and strong backs, as well as integrating, […]

8 Types of End of Arm Tooling Devices for Automation Projects

Grippers, or end of arm tooling, devices enable the manipulation of an object. Precision mounting surfaces allow for the attachment of custom designed finger tooling. Selecting the right gripper can make automation projects easier. A gripper is the mechanical or electrical End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT) device that enables the manipulation of an object. Or, […]

What Are 5 Common Types of Industrial Assembly Press Machines?

Manufacturing facilities use industrial presses to create, form or assemble a product. 5 main types of presses are typically used in an industrial setting. Each type creates force in a different way that impacts the application, purchase price, operational cost, precision, and safety. Industrial presses apply a controlled force to a material or part to […]

How to Prevent Porosity in Welding with Proper Component Preparation

Without proper component preparation, resulting welds may be of poor quality, leak or fail in the field. Porosity, or bubble formation, can be avoided by thoroughly cleaning components and making sure surfaces are dirt free. Industrial cleaning wipes can remove any trace of cutting fluids, grime, oils, inks, or grease. Welding is a common industrial […]

Keller Technology is a Sponsor for Annual Run for Green

Keller Technology Corporation was proud to be a sponsor for the Davidson Lands Conservancy’s annual Run for Green, the organization’s main fundraising event. The run features a 5k, 10k and half marathon, so there is a race suited for everyone. The Davidson Lands Conservancy is a nonprofit land trust that works with willing landowners to […]