A long history built on quality performance

Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) was founded in 1918 as the Duplex Buffing Machine Company, which offered custom and standardized buffing machines as well as general machine shop services. The company grew as a general machine job shop servicing the local industries of metropolitan Buffalo, New York, and was renamed J & A Keller Machine Company, Inc.

Over the next 40 years, the company grew both in size and capabilities, providing machine assembly building and manufacturing services to customers located throughout the United States. Upon entering the ’80s, the name was changed to Keller Technology Corporation to reflect the company’s expanding global scope of operations and capabilities.

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New York


North Carolina


South Korea

Where we're located

Presently operating from facilities in Buffalo, New York, Charlotte, North Carolina and affiliates in Daegu, S. Korea, Keller Technology offers a range of build-to-print, design and build of machinery and equipment and contract manufacturing services for a wide variety of high-technology industries.

Our Mission

Our corporate mission is to provide quality service and quality products on schedule at a competitive price to our customers throughout the world. We shall strive for total reliability by providing our external customers, internal customers, suppliers, vendors, and all fellow employees with quality performance in a timely fashion. Our corporate demeanor will at all times reflect courteous professionalism.

Explore our North Carolina facility in this interactive virtual tour.

Virtually explore our Charlotte, North Carolina facility where we perform contract manufacturing of high-complexity electromechanical equipment, systems, and assemblies. With each click, you’ll experience 360 views of controlled environment rooms, offices, and manufacturing areas where our employees consistently meet or exceed ISO 7 level requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.

Industries served

Keller Technology Corporation combines technical capability with complex engineering to deliver sophisticated manufacturing solutions for nearly any industry and application. Whether you need a standalone part or turnkey machinery, we have the knowledge and capabilities to meet your needs.

Engineered Materials
Industrial Techology
Health Care

Quality assurance for process improvement

It is the mission of Keller Technology Corporation’s Quality Management Systems (QMS) Department to provide clear and concise definition, documentation and training for all internal processes; to ensure each member of KTC has the opportunity to initiate process review; and to contribute to the effort of continual improvement through feedback and participation in the internal auditing system.

Ultimately, it is the goal of QMS to ensure that these efforts are reviewed and addressed by management and that each systemic alteration benefits our customers and further aligns our business practices with ISO accreditation and the KTC mission statement.

Tools employed by QMS staff to realize this mission include

Safety Mission

Our corporate safety mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment for all employees, customers, suppliers, and visitors while on Keller Technology Corporation premises.

March 30, 2009, we reached our highest achievement yet:

3 million man hours worked without a single lost time accident or injury.

We shall strive to achieve the goal of zero industrial accidents or illnesses, to educate employees in safety at work and at home, and to develop a culture that promotes safety awareness in all aspects of life.

Intellectual Property Security

Many of our programs are confidential in nature. Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) has standardized policies and procedures to protect your intellectual property. Proprietary agreements are in place between KTC and employees, KTC and vendors and KTC and Customers.

Access to confidential customer information, products, and equipment is restricted:

A Vision for a Better Future

Keller Technology’s ESG Vision is to be a responsible company whose actions consistently align with our values of fairness and environmental responsibility to the benefit of our employees, customers, suppliers, and community.

Family owned for more than five generations

Keller Technology Corporation remains a family owned and managed corporation with fifth-generation participants supported by a skilled and talented staff of professionals. Find out how we can help with your manufacturing needs.