Semiconductor Industry Robotics Applications

Keller Technology Corporation has provided contract manufacturing services for precision wafer handling and loading for various types of fab tools. These applications have included frog leg/in vacuum, six axis and SCARA style robots.

Reasons to choose KTC

  • KTC has decades of experience building equipment for the Semiconductor Industry.
  • We have developed both custom solutions as well as provided build-to-print services for robotics applications in semi tool modules.
  • With extensive controlled environment areas we can build, integrate and test in- vacuum at full module level of vertical integration.
  • KTC is an expert in manufacturing vacuum chambers and systems as well as in-vacuum electro-mechanical applications.

Partner with us

KTC specializes in manufacturing services for complex, technical applications, including robotics and their integration.  Along with world-class manufacturing capabilities, KTC provides expert engineering and integration capabilities.

Robotics cells project profiles

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