Custom machinery for highly specialized applications

When you need demanding automation machines or electromechanical equipment, we know there is no one size fits all solution. Keller Technology Corporation delivers custom machinery and comprehensive engineering to meet your non-standard requirements. You create the products that move us forward. We create the equipment that powers your production.

Explore our North Carolina facility in this interactive virtual tour.

Virtually explore our Charlotte, North Carolina facility where we perform contract manufacturing of high-complexity electromechanical equipment, systems, and assemblies. With each click, you’ll experience 360 views of controlled environment rooms, offices, and manufacturing areas where our employees consistently meet or exceed ISO 7 level requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.

Partner with Keller Technology

With every customer partnership, it is our mission to simplify complex challenges with quality solutions. We offer not only technical capability and depth of experience but also large manufacturing space and direct shipping across the globe.

At a glance

Custom machinery solutions

As a trusted provider of custom industrial systems, KTC is highly experienced in technically complex electromechanical systems and process equipment. We start from your functional specifications, scope of work or build-to-print documentation package to deliver complete machinery as specialized as the products they help create.

How we do it

Whether you need a partner to work from existing specifications or you’re looking for design and engineering support, KTC meets you where you are to create machinery that’s truly custom.

Finding and working with a custom machine builder

The success of any custom machinery project depends on finding, evaluating, and selecting the right machine builder for your specific automation needs. This requires careful forethought and preparation. Our free e-book serves as a helpful guide to support this process.

Certified for quality

For every project that comes through our facilities, KTC is committed to excellence. We have a dedicated quality control system with documented standards and procedures, and we comply with strict quality standards.

Buffalo, New York


Charlotte, North Carolina


Markets served

KTC manufactures custom automated machines for a variety of applications requiring consistent quality and confidentiality. We’ve worked in demanding industries such as aerospace, chemical processing, energy, defense and health care, and we are confident we can support your operations as well.

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