There are many contract manufacturing companies to choose from. What sets Keller Technology Corporation apart from the competition? We believe it’s our flexibility, stringent program and project management, and record of consistently delivering quality products on time, and on budget.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Keller’s capabilities and qualifications related to contract manufacturing.

What manufacturing methodologies does Keller adhere to?

Throughout our organization, and specifically on the manufacturing floor, “lean and 6S” manufacturing practices are employed to create value by reducing waste. Where possible, and project dependent, we establish lean work cells.

What ISO Quality Management Certifications does Keller hold?

Keller’s Buffalo location is ISO 9001 Quality Management certified, and our Charlotte location holds ISO 9001 Quality Management as well as ISO 13485 certification for Medical Devices Quality Management.

How does Keller handle domestic and global sourcing?

Keller’s aggressive pursuit of high-quality, low-cost suppliers, domestically and globally, coupled with continuous monitoring and constructive feedback has resulted in a diverse and robust supply chain that is beneficial for all our customers. The suppliers we use for a particular program is naturally influenced by delivery requirements of our customer.

How does Keller manage resourcing planning for contract manufacturing projects?

Our business systems have been extensively modified and automated to allow us to efficiently collect, view, organize, and report data critical to the successful execution of contract manufacturing projects. We employ an MRP module for programs with long supply chains and/or considerable inventory requirements.

What mandates does Keller have in place to ensure a safe work environment on the manufacturing floor?

Our employee safety program dates back over 50 years, with the formation of the Shop Safety Committee. As a result of thorough training and strict adherence to safe work practices, we have reached the quality milestone seven times of one million man hours without a lost-time accident.

How will Keller protect my intellectual property related to contract manufacturing projects?

Electronic document control, physical barrier constraints, limited access areas, proprietary agreements, and a paperless manufacturing area ensure protection of customers’ intellectual property.

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