Sophisticated equipment for the medical industry

When patient care is on the line, we know you need medical equipment that’s built to the highest standards. Companies in the health care industry are under constant pressure to deliver innovative solutions that adhere to intense regulation requirements, and KTC is a trusted manufacturer of systems for the medical industry. 

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Explore our North Carolina facility in this interactive virtual tour.

Virtually explore our Charlotte, North Carolina facility where we perform contract manufacturing of high-complexity electromechanical equipment, systems, and assemblies. With each click, you’ll experience 360 views of controlled environment rooms, offices, and manufacturing areas where our employees consistently meet or exceed ISO 7 level requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.

What we do

KTC is specialized in building manufacturing equipment for the medical industry, including diagnostic instrumentation, and other devices used in demanding health care and medical research settings. 

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Our locations in North Carolina, New York and South Korea allow us to serve customers both nationwide and across the globe. We have been in business for more than a century not only because of our technical capabilities but also our depth of experience.

At a glance

Medical device system solutions

KTC manufactures specialized equipment for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, radiopharmaceuticals and combination products. From standard systems and diagnostic equipment to instruments and highly customized technologies, we deliver solutions for your toughest manufacturing challenges.

How we do it

Whether you need a sophisticated medical instrument or a complete integrated system, KTC can provide end-to-end support, including design, engineering, fabrication, and integration.

Certified for quality

KTC has decades of experience manufacturing equipment for CGMP regulated environments, and we are skilled in the production of machinery for medical devices, medical diagnostic equipment and instruments, and automated systems for the healthcare industry.

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