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When patient care is on the line, we know you need medical equipment that’s built to the highest standards. Companies in the health care industry are under constant pressure to deliver innovative solutions that adhere to intense regulation requirements. That is why we pride ourselves on being a trusted medical equipment manufacturer of device systems for the medical industry and diagnostic equipment for the healthcare industry.

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What we do at KTC

KTC is specialized in building custom medical manufacturing equipment, including diagnostic instrumentation and other devices used in demanding health care and medical research settings, as well as high-level assemblies and equipment for diagnostic, therapeutic, and medical research settings.

As medical equipment manufacturers, KTC produces specialized equipment for medical device systems, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, radiopharmaceuticals and combination products. From standard systems and diagnostic equipment to instruments and highly customized technologies, we deliver solutions for your toughest manufacturing challenges.

Automated Systems for Aseptic Environments

Dry box gloves in an automated system

Keller Technology Corporation designs and builds custom machinery for the manufacture of sterile products in aseptic environments.

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Beam Delivery Manufacturing for the Medical Industry

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From medical research to therapeutics to diagnostics, accelerator technology powers a wide range of modern healthcare applications.

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Custom Automated Equipment

Custom automated machine

See how we help customers in the medical industry achieve their quality and productivity goals with custom automation solutions for medical equipment.

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Specialty Device Manufacturing Systems

Specialty medical device

For products that require unique dosage, packaging or delivery methods, we deliver custom medical manufacturing equipment.

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Medical Capital Equipment Manufacturing

MRI machine being built

From medical imaging to robotic surgery to sophisticated patient handling equipment, we can help with the manufacture of your high-level diagnostic equipment.

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Medical Systems and Instrumentation

Systems and Instrumentation featured banner

We are a longtime manufacturer of highly specialized medical equipment, including sophisticated instruments and clean room assemblies.

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Radiology, Oncology and Proton Therapy Equipment

Radiology/Oncology proton therapy equipment

Our capabilities are uniquely suited to the production of accelerated and magnet-based medical imaging equipment.

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Contract Manufacturing Services for Health Care OEMs

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We custom manufacture subsystems and high-level assemblies for cGMP-compliant medical equipment. Download our Contract Manufacturing Corporate Brochure.

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Robotics Systems Integration

Robotic system integration

With compliance qualifications and GAMP methodology, KTC is highly skilled in medical robot integration.

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Partner with Keller Technology

Our locations in North Carolina, New York and South Korea allow us to serve customers both nationwide and across the globe. We have been in business for more than a century not only because of our technical capabilities but also our depth of experience.

Get an interactive look at our North Carolina facility

Virtually visit our contract manufacturing facility located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is where we craft highly complex electromechanical medical equipment, systems and assemblies. Our interactive tour allows you to see 360-degree views of the ISO level 7 controlled-environment rooms and manufacturing areas.

Corporate Overview Brochure

Our corporate mission is focused upon Total Reliability; providing our customers quality performance, value, schedule adherence and technical compliance.

Certified for quality

KTC successfully complies with modern quality standards to ensure manufacturing excellence with every project.

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