5-Axis CNC Machining

Keller Technology provides complex systems, equipment, and fabrications for a diverse group of industries. To properly support the growth of our customers, we have a program of continual investment in our facilities and equipment.

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Our state-of-the-art machine shop features a broad range of machine tools including several 5-axis machining centers. 5-axis machining allows for the spindle and/or work piece to be machined on five sides (top, front, back, left & right sides). Additionally, can use five axes to simultaneously cut compound angles and other hard to reach surfaces. There are many advantages to this freedom of motion (when compared to 3-axis machining) including:

Recent additions to Keller’s lineup of 5-axis machining centers include:

Parpas XS 63 5-Axis Gantry Machining Center

The Parpas an ideal choice for machining hard-to-reach surfaces and deep cavities. In addition to high speed and the ability to perform heavy-duty machining on hard materials (steel, Inconel, titanium, etc.), the CNC milling tool machines highly complex shapes with a single setup. Highlights include:

  • Roughing straight milling head (5,000 RPM)
  • Universal indexing right angle head (5,000 RPM)
  • Universal five-axis high speed milling head (20,000 RPM)
  • X-axis travel = 236”
  • Y-axis travel = 118”
  • Z-axis travel = 59”
Parpas XS 63 five-axis gantry machining center

DMG/MORI DMC 210 FD Machining Center

The DMC 210 FD employs a large, stable bridge-type structure for high accuracy and dynamic performance.  Productivity is enhanced via 5-sided/5-axis machining with a single setup.  FD table with direct drive enabling both machining and turning on one machine.  A high-speed pallet changer allows for next process setup during the machining operation.  Highlights include:

  • powerMaster spindle (12,000 RPM)
  • Mill-turn functionality
  • 4 wheel tool magazine (243 tools)
  • X-axis travel = 82”
  • Y-axis travel = 82”
  • Z-axis travel = 49”
DMC 210 U machine


The DMC 160 U RS6 features a highly stable, actively cooled, and extremely precise duoBlock structure for maximum cutting capacity.  Fast and compact 6-pallet rotating pallet changer, and quick tool exchange enhances productivity.  Ideal for machining hard-to-cut materials and where surface quality requirements are highest.  Highlights include:

  • powerMaster spindle (15,000 RPM)
  • Mill-turn functionality
  • 4 wheel tool magazine (243 tools)
  • X-axis travel = 63”
  • Y-axis travel = 55”
  • Z-axis travel = 43”

Large Format 5-Axis Machining Project Profiles

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