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Automated Systems for Aseptic Environments

Custom Systems for Aseptic Environments
  • KTC provides equipment manufacturing services for combination products, biologics and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Our custom systems meet cGMP requirements for aseptic environments.
  • KTC engineers create solutions for custom coating applications, custom web handling, fluid handling and more.

Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) designs and builds custom machinery for the manufacture of sterile products in aseptic environments. Whether it involves providing contract manufacturing of equipment for the combination products, biologics or pharmaceutical industries, KTC engineers are experienced in utilizing industry best practices, working closely with isolator manufacturers to develop custom systems that meet cGMP requirements for aseptic environments.

KTC specializes in robotics integration into custom systems for cGMP life sciences applications, including equipment for aseptic environments such as pharmacy automation machinery. In addition, as a manufacturer of web forming machines, KTC can provide equipment to manage engineered membranes, thin films, laminated materials, and filter and fibrous materials. Other specialties include:

  • Custom Coating Applications
  • Custom Primary Packaging Equipment
  • Custom Web Handling
  • Fluid Handling

Aseptic Environment Project Profiles

Custom Automated System – Biopharmaceuticals

Automated system for coating of a drug delivery device with a biologic API in an aseptic environment.

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Keller Advantage
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Buffalo: ISO 9001
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Charlotte: ISO 9001, ISO 13485