Contract Manufacturing Services for Health Care OEMs

At Keller Technology Corporation, we custom manufacture sub systems and high-level assemblies for cGMP compliant healthcare equipment

We have experience in highly regulated cGMP applications to produce your product to specification, with all required documentation, traceability and testing.

Reasons to choose KTC

  • KTC’s facilities are ISO 9001 registered and our Charlotte NC facility specializing in medical applications is also ISO 13485 registered.
  • Our deep expertise in the manufacture of high-level systems allows us to produce robotic systems for health care OEMS.
  • We have experience manufacturing hardware for patient handling, robotic surgery and pharmacy automation applications.
  • We follow strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) with decades of cGMP compliant manufacturing experience.

Partner with us

KTC’s technical and engineering experience make us a preferred choice for manufacturing robotics cells for use in medical and health care applications. Our team is ready to support your project from start to finish.

Health Care Robotics/Automation Project Profiles

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