Design for manufacturing and assembly solutions

Whether your design is established or under development, the experienced teams from Keller Technology Corporation’s engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing departments are readily available to conduct design reviews and suggest changes to reduce costs, shorten lead times, and improve ease of manufacturing.

Early involvement of our experts helps to drive value early in a design for manufacturing program. Keller has a wealth of experience in helping to improve the manufacturability of our customers’ assemblies, instruments, and equipment, whether for a new design concept or a product currently in production.

Design for manufacturing frequently asked questions

What is design for assembly?

Simply put: DFA is a process by which products are designed with ease of assembly in mind. Generally speaking, if a product contains fewer parts, it will take less time to assemble, resulting in lower assembly costs.


What is manufacturability?

Designing and/or engineering a product in order to facilitate the manufacturing process to help reduce its manufacturing costs. Keller can employ this methodology whether the equipment is already being produced or it is in the design stage.


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