Precision electromechanical assembly

Keller Technology Corporation’s extensive experience in the contract manufacturing and assembly of complex mechanical and electromechanical devices and assemblies provides you with confidence and peace of mind.

The design and manufacture of electromechanical products is becoming significantly more complex, requiring more intricate components, shorter lead times, higher investments and risks. Keller’s engineers provide a deep well of experience in assembly projects to ensure you evaluate and execute the best ideas while protecting your valuable resources and assets.

Meeting your electromechanical assembly requirements

Whether you begin with a build-to-print documentation package or enlist Keller to design and build your assembly, we have the skills and experience to meet your specifications. Fully tested, complex electromechanical assemblies, built to your exact standards, are delivered according to your production requirements.

Electromechanical assembly project profiles

Electromechanical assembly frequently asked questions

How does Keller approach electromechanical assembly?

Sometimes customers require design and build services for electromechanical assemblies, but it is more typical for Keller to perform this as a build-to-print project. The key first step is to verify, or complete, the documentation package making sure all redlines, “off-drawing knowledge,” and special considerations are well understood and documented. If the assembly is currently being produced by the customer, Keller prefers to participate in a “co-build” to take advantage of hands-on experience with existing technicians.