New product development services & solutions

When you’re looking for a company to assist in the development of a new product, you need an experienced partner you can rely on. Whether you need build-to-print services or are looking to redesign or modify an existing product, you’ll know your electromechanical assembly or automated system is in capable hands.

Work with an experienced NPI team

From idea conception through prototype, beta build, and production, you’ll work with experienced teams ready to assist with your product development requirements, including engineering, sourcing, project management and manufacturing. Keller Technology Corporation’s highly seasoned staff is well-versed in providing support at any stage of your development cycle, while maintaining strict confidentiality of your intellectual property.

Full product lifecycle support

When your equipment requires original design and/or manufacturing, Keller’s engineering department:

  • Supports your project from the concept stage through CAD design, with full schematics, feasibility studies, cost estimates and prototype development.
  • Creates a working model of your assembly or system for further evaluation.
  • Prepares detailed reports explaining what materials and assembly processes will be required and the steps necessary to go into production.
  • Provides you with full manufacturing capabilities and facilities to produce your product.

Whether you are in need of design and build services or are considering them, we will be happy to help you evaluate assets, ideas and projects, so you can make a fully informed decision.

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