High-level assembly

Working from your designs, or engineering them for you, Keller Technology Corporation provides complex assembly manufacturing solutions for high-level assembly (HLA). Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities include complex mechanical, electromechanical, and high-complexity electromagnetic assemblies.

Complex assembly uses integrated components, both fabricated and commercial, to a level of integration just short of a turnkey system and more integrated than an electro-mechanical assembly. With Keller’s cost-efficient contract manufacturing capabilities, you can be confident your diverse designs, fluctuating demand and short-term delivery schedules will be accommodated.

Integrated assembly full testing and delivery

Keller specializes in integrated system-level manufacturing of complex assemblies and sub-assemblies, and has the skills and experience to integrate assemblies, equipment and instrumentation to the level of your requirements. We provide you with fully tested modules and assemblies right when you need them. In many cases our customer will add proprietary technology to a high-level assembly that has been manufactured by Keller.

Keller helps you handle dynamic challenges in meeting changing production needs, volumes and schedules, while maintaining optimum levels of efficiency and quality. Fully tested modules and complex assembly solutions are delivered when you need them, where you need them.

High-level assembly project profiles

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