High-End Custom Machinery

Keller Technology Corporation’s capabilities include advanced manufacturing solutions for high-end, complex machinery with highly demanding regulatory, cleanliness, precision or quality requirements. Whether your project calls for aseptic assemblies, explosion-proof machinery or another compliant solution, KTC has the technical expertise to meet your specifications.

Our quality manufacturing processes include cutting edge, advanced machinery and techniques, which allow us to fabricate sophisticated industrial equipment.

Reasons to choose KTC

  • Advanced manufacturing technology
  • Proven expertise in technical, intricate, specialized and high-end machinery
  • Innovative solutions from design to delivery, with integrated engineering support
  • Our custom systems meet cGMP requirements for aseptic environments
  • We follow strict standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Clean rooms meeting ISO 7 standards as well as other environmentally controlled assembly, test and integration space.

Partner with us

If you have a complex project with demands for custom, high-end manufacturing solutions, turn to KTC.

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