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Beam Delivery and Particle Accelerator Systems and Components

  • KTC provides custom hardware and equipment for universities, research institutions, and medical applications.
  • Cabilities include collimator assembly and beam delivery system.
  • We also prove one-off custom hardware products as well as serial production.

Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) has developed expertise in the manufacture of equipment used in cyclotron and particle accelerator systems. We provide custom hardware and equipment to:

  • The Department of Energy National Laboratory accelerator complex and user facilities
  • Universities and leading research institutions
  • Private sector accelerator applications, such as oncology, medical imaging, and homeland security

From collimator assembly to beam delivery systems, we can provide one-off custom hardware up through contract manufacturing services for the serial production of standard products involving this technology. KTC has provided hardware for synchrotron light sources, proton accelerators, neutron science, muon accelerators, electron accelerators, plasma wakefield accelerators, as well as pulsed power and fusion experiments.

Delivery systems and equipment available for precision fabrication include:

  • Vacuum chambers and systems
  • Magnetic devices and equipment
  • Insertion devices
  • Linac cryomodules and components
  • Custom waveguides
  • Detector array support structures
  • Magnetic shielding
  • Neutron targets
  • Beam stops, shutters and slits
  • T-zero Neutron choppers
  • In-vacuum electro-mechanics
  • Gantries and strongbacks
  • Light source, laser and photon science beam line equipment
  • Opto-mechanical equipment

Precision Fabrication Project Profiles

Precision Fabrication Beam / Particle

Experimental drum shield for energy research.

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Precision Fabrication Beam / Particle

Experimental equipment for energy research.

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Keller Advantage
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Charlotte: ISO 9001, ISO 13485