Global supply chain

With operations in North America, South Korea, and strategic partners in other low cost countries (LCC), Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) is a global supply chain management provider that makes vendor and materials management more efficient by capitalizing on our volume-leveraged network of suppliers.

As a part of our global supply solution, suppliers to our contract manufacturing program have been pre-qualified for quality, reliability, performance and value. Continuous assessment and expansion of our vendor base, coupled with sophisticated management systems, ensure optimized vendor selection for our varied contract manufacturing programs.

KTC’s supply chain management service also allows for easy and efficient incorporation of our customers’ existing supply chain into our solution, which is especially important for expedited programs.

Whether sub-suppliers to your contract manufacturing program are directed or yet to be determined, KTC is able to step in at any stage to establish, organize and manage an efficient supply chain to ensure the success of your program.

contract manufacture guide

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