Build-to-print manufacturing services

Keller Technology Corporation is well versed in providing our customers with build-to-print services for assemblies, equipment, and systems. Working with customer-supplied or Keller-sourced materials; or a combination thereof, Keller efficiently manages and executes the build according to existing customer drawings, specifications, or work instructions.


Frequently, build-to-specification manufacturing projects require additional support services to ensure success. Keller’s well-seasoned engineers, program managers, sourcing and technical staff routinely review customer designs and documentation for completeness, part obsolescence issues, design for manufacturability and cost effectiveness.

Outsourcing the manufacturing of your sub-assembly or machinery to a contract manufacturer is serious business. When your reputation is at stake, trust the experience of Keller to bring in your build-to-print project on time and within budget.

Build-to-print project profiles

Build-to-print frequently asked question

How can I leverage strategic outsourcing for my manufacturing projects?

Keller’s build-to-print services provide you with an entire team of experts who know how to turn your plans into well-executed, finished manufacturing projects. From our engineering team to program managers to sourcing staff, we keep you informed every step of the way to ensure your project is completed on time and in budget. Outsourcing the manufacturing of your equipment provides the opportunity to concentrate on developing next-generation devices.