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Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing

Electromechanical Equipment Contract Manufacturing
  • Complex electromechanical system development
  • In-house capabilities include fabrication, machining, assembly, integration, test and documentation/validation
  • Active supply chain management organization

As a provider of custom equipment, Keller Technology specializes in technically complex electromechanical systems. This includes custom process equipment as well as special machinery and custom automation systems. We provide specialized customer-specific equipment to a variety of industries including:

  • engineered materials
  • chemicals/polymers
  • glass
  • telecommunications
  • semiconductor and PV
  • life sciences (including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and combination products)
  • special equipment and components for research institutions
  • particle accelerator systems.

Our extensive in-house electromechanical systems capabilities include fabrication, machining, assembly, integration, test, and documentation/validation, coupled with an active supply chain management organization to ensure optimum value for our customers.

KTC’s electromechanical equipment manufacturing expertise includes:

  • Robotics
  • Machine vision
  • High and ultra-high vacuum chambers and systems
  • ASME code pressure vessels, valves, and systems
  • Custom process equipment
  • Continuous motion machinery
  • Web forming/handling equipment
  • Flexible automation systems
  • Particle accelerator components and subsystems
  • cGMP life sciences equipment
  • Large envelope 5 axis machining
  • Equipment for clean room and controlled environments
  • Hydraulics

Our locations in North Carolina, New York, and South Korea allow us to serve both domestic and international customers.

Electromechanical Equipment Project Profiles

Electromechanical Machinery – Energy Research

Equipment used in a particle accelerator.

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Electromechanical Systems – Nuclear Fuel

Automated pellet loading machine for nuclear fuel rods.

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Electromechanical Systems FAQ

Q: What range of electromechanical manufacturing projects has Keller been involved with?
A: KTC’s experience with electromechanical equipment manufacturing is extensive. On one end of the spectrum, we have designed and built one-off electromechanical systems that occupy an entire bay of our manufacturing floor. By way of contrast, Keller also produces electromechanical pneumatic assemblies in our controlled-environment rooms that number in the 100s per month.

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Keller Advantage
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Buffalo: ISO 9001
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Charlotte: ISO 9001, ISO 13485