Contract Manufacturing for Complex Equipment and Assemblies

Keller Technology’s contract manufacturing service is dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of multi-unit build-to-print projects. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled team are equipped to handle complex projects executed cost-effectively with a strong emphasis on quality.

With a focus on precision and adherence to your specifications, we work closely with you to cost effectively deliver high-quality products while meeting tight deadlines. Our commitment to excellence, safety and precision makes us a trusted global manufacturing partner.

Our contract manufacturing capabilities

From sophisticated electromechanical assemblies to complete turnkey systems, KTC has the technical capabilities to deliver complex solutions in repeating quantities.

Bring your drawings to life with KTC’s team of technicians, engineers and project managers, who deliver advanced solutions to your most complex challenges.

We manufacture electromechanical equipment, instruments and turnkey systems in controlled environments, routinely meeting – or exceeding – ISO 7 level standards.

KTC delivers integrated solutions for mechanical, electromechanical and electromagnetic assemblies.

Our extensive experience in intricate electromechanical components offers confidence and peace of mind.

From sub-assemblies to fully functioning and tested equipment, we manufacture complete industrial equipment and systems.

When it comes to the manufacture of complex equipment for the health care industry, such as diagnostic instruments, KTC understands there are demanding manufacturing needs. 

KTC has developed and mass-produced front ends to allow for the automated loading and discharge of wafers between fabrication tools and FOUPs.

With turnkey equipment, OEM instruments and automation systems, you can save time and concentrate on product development for your most important clients.

We manufacture subsystems and high-level assemblies for cGMP-compliant medical equipment.

As a precision contract manufacturer, KTC brings unique skills and experience to accelerator and magnet-based equipment for imaging or therapy applications.

KTC is skilled in contract manufacturing of complex electro-mechanical hardware requiring precision motion control including servo systems and robotics applications.

Our specialized expertise allows us to manufacture sophisticated diagnostic equipment in an ISO-certified environment.

Value-add services and support

From supply chain management through fabrication, assembly, test, and logistics, we integrate seamlessly into your existing operations to deliver end-to-end manufacturing support.

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Explore our custom machinery manufacturing facility

In our interactive, virtual-environment video, you can explore our custom machinery and contract manufacturing facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, where we create highly complex electromechanical equipment, systems and assemblies. Get 360-degree views of our controlled-environment rooms, where we meet and exceed ISO 7 level requirements to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Certified for quality

KTC successfully complies with modern quality standards to ensure manufacturing excellence with every project.

Buffalo, New York

Charlotte, North Carolina

Markets served

KTC is a world-class, global manufacturing company with a commitment to customer satisfaction. We provide contract manufacturing solutions for nearly any medical or industrial application, including diagnostic instruments, semiconductor tools, processing equipment and more. See the markets we serve.

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