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Custom Vacuum Chambers

Custom Vacuum Assembly Manufacturer
Custom-Made Vacuum Assembly
  • Built to your specifications or designed and built to your requirements
  • Manufactured using the latest technology in 5-axis machining and robotic welding
  • Available high-level vacuum assemblies integrating the chamber with frames, internals, load locks and robotics

Keller specializes in stainless-steel and aluminum chambers with large, complex geometries. Choose from vacuum components, weldments, custom vacuum chambers, and fully integrated vacuum systems-manufactured to your specifications, or designed & built to your requirements.

One of our core competencies, custom vacuum chamber construction is available for a number of applications, including semiconductor equipment, research, PV tools and particle accelerator components. With expertise as a manufacturer of aluminum, plated steel and stainless-steel vacuum chambers, Keller employs the latest technology in 5-axis machining and robotic welding to efficiently produce vacuum chambers in production quantities.

Integrated Vacuum Assemblies

In addition to vacuum chamber manufacturing, Keller produces custom-made, high-level vacuum assemblies that may involve integrating the chamber with frames, internals, electro-mechanics, load locks and robotics.

Our dedicated staff is well versed in the proper manufacture of custom vacuum chambers, from initial design through final test and packaging protocol.

Custom Vacuum Chambers Project Profiles

Contract Manufacturing Custom Vacuum Chambers

Integrated cylindrical and box type chambers.

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Custom Vacuum Chamber

High Speed Machining

Keller Advantage
Keller Advantage
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Buffalo: ISO 9001
Buffalo: ISO 9001
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Charlotte: ISO 9001, ISO 13485