Interested in becoming a supplier for Keller Technology? We are always looking to expand our supplier diversity to best help our customers and their project needs. 

Please review the information below, complete your application with supporting documentation for each facility you wish to work with and submit it to the appropriate email address(es) listed at the bottom of the page.

Frequently asked questions

Both Keller Technology facilities engage in a broad spectrum of projects requiring a variety of commercial and fabricated materials. We welcome all industry supplier applications; however, most immediately our needs extend to suppliers with the following capabilities:

  • Prototype and low quantity part providers
  • Metal part supplier and manufacturer, that includes:
    • Laser capabilities
    • CNC punch capabilities
    • Heavy part manufacturing
    • Large component turning
  • Precision part manufacturer with very high tolerance
    • EDM wire capabilities
  • Exotic and mild metals supplier
  • Specialty coatings, plating, and painting

The Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) Approved Supplier program is an ISO-driven effort to ensure our suppliers provide us with the necessary elements to meet our customer expectations.

Keller Technology purchases exclusively from a short list of high performing suppliers which allows us to meet precision quality and demanding delivery schedules.

Both Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) facilities are certified ISO 9001:2015. Additionally KTC-Huntersville is certified ISO 13485:2016. Although we do not require the same demanding standards from every supplier, understanding the need for quality and continual improvement in today’s industry certainly aids and improves the supplier’s business relationship.

Supplier requirements may shift due to customer and project needs. If you feel your business qualifies, please complete and submit a copy of the Supplier Application Packet for one or both facilities per instructions below. If there are follow-up questions, or if you are approved, a liaison from our supplier relationship management team will contact you.

Keller Technology Corporation’s (KTC) supplier rating system is derived from supplier performance metrics in two categories:

  • On Time Delivery: KTC uses a summarized report from our enterprise system to rate supplier performance based on the fulfillment date against the original due dates (date of expected arrival at KTC dock).
  • Quality Performance: KTC’s Quality Control Department inspects and rates new fabricated parts upon arrival. Part conformance ratings are scored, tracked and counted, contributing to a total supplier score.

Suppliers at each facility are rated on a performance scale of 0-100%, which is scored according to their quality and on-time delivery performance. Suppliers who show difficulty maintaining a high percentage rating on their supplier scorecards due to poor quality or inconsistent delivery may be:

  • Asked to engage in corrective actions to resolve an issue
  • Placed on a “restricted” status to limit orders to achievable levels
  • Receive follow-up coaching prior to receiving new orders.
  • Suppliers consistently falling behind on delivery or experiencing persistent on-time-delivery failures will be recommended to management for removal.

The Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) Approved Supplier program in a non-legally binding agreement and the relationship may be terminated by either party at any time for any reason.

Yes, removed suppliers can (depending on the situation) reapply for approval with one or both facilities. Prior to being returned to ‘Approved’ status, a supplier may need to demonstrate evidence of corrective actions to ensure the issues experienced will not resurface.

Please note, submitting an application does not guarantee approval, and approval does not guarantee orders. Complete and submit the New Supplier Application Packet below (for one or both facilities)

Once the application is received it will be reviewed by a Supplier Liaison. Typically, the processing and approval time for a new supplier is ten business days. If we require products or services you provide and if you meet the KTC Approved Supplier requirements you will be contacted by the Supplier Liaison.

Due to a high volume of inquiries, we are unable to respond to supplier applications that do not meet the current criteria or who do not fill a current business need. Please do not submit multiple queries to a single facility or call to follow up on an application.

New supplier application instructions

  1. Read all of the supplier FAQ’s above carefully and completely.
  2. Read and complete the KTC Supplier Trade & Ethics Letter.
  3. Download the application packet for one or both facilities.
  4. Complete the form(s) including all relevant and available information.
  5. Compose an email to the KTC facility’s Supplier Liaison with the information packet and a current W-9 form attached.
  6. Include in the email any additional relevant documentation such as valid and current ISO certifications and other regulatory and industry specific qualifications or awards you possess.
  7. Send to: