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Turnkey Equipment

  • Save time and money with turnkey OEM equipment.
  • Eliminate overhead with contract-manufactured automation systems and instruments.
  • Work from your design or utilize our design and engineering services.

Keller Technology Corpororation specializes in manufacturing multiple quantities of fully integrated and tested automated equipment for customers who sell them to end clients. Turnkey OEM instruments, automation systems and equipment produced by Keller save you time and money, eliminate overhead, and ensure you will be able to concentrate on developing additional high quality products for your most important clients.

As an OEM contract manufacturer, Keller offers you both “build to print” and “design and build” services for turnkey instruments and equipment. Working from your design, or utilizing our machine design and engineering services, we provide OEM machinery on time and within budget.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Our highly capable contract manufacturing services teams provide an unparalleled combination of experience and commitment in designing and manufacturing your turnkey machinery, industrial automation systems, full automation lines, instruments, and equipment.

Keller provides specialized delivery of fully integrated and tested equipment to you or your end-user. Our supply chain services help get your product to market quickly.

OEM Contract Manufacturing Project Profiles

Turnkey Equipment – Flexography

Equipment used in the automated manufacture of flexography plates.

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Turnkey Equipment – Electronics

Hi-speed OEM equipment used in the production of electronic devices.

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OEM Contract Manufacturing FAQs

Q: How does Keller leverage a global supply chain as a contract equipment manufacturer?

A: Most of Keller’s customers are involved with low-volume, high-mix, complex equipment. We aggregate production requirements of several programs to take advantage of LLC opportunities.

Q: What capabilities can Keller offer as an OEM contract manufacturer?

A: In addition to build-to-print services, Keller offers design and build, product development, prototyping, inventory, and drop-ship services.

Keller Advantage
Keller Advantage
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Quality Tested
Keller ISO Quality Management Certifications
Buffalo: ISO 9001
Buffalo: ISO 9001
Charlotte: ISO 9001, ISO 13485
Charlotte: ISO 9001, ISO 13485