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Created 9 years ago

Previously housed on a separate website, Keller Contract Manufacturing has been combined with parent company, Keller Technology Corporation’s, site in an effort to consolidate our offerings and make it easier for you to find the custom manufacturing solutions you need.

Since 1918, Keller Technology Corporation has provided industrial equipment manufacturing for a variety of industries. While we started as the Duplex Buffing Machine Company, our list of services has grown to include special machinery, custom process systems, precision fabrication and medical device systems, all previously reflected on

Our contract manufacturing side has also been steadily growing, as we continue to provide innovative solutions for clean room assembly, high-level assembly, industrial equipment, medical equipment, precision assembly and turnkey equipment. It only made sense to merge the two sites and give you the best of both to provide you with a one-stop source for your manufacturing, fabrication, and design needs.

Easy Navigation to Manufacturing Solutions

On the newly combined site, you’ll find easy navigation to:

Contract Manufacturing – Find out more about our track record for completing challenging and complex projects on time and on budget with the use of lean practices to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Medical, semiconductor, chemical, or solar – no matter what your industry, our engineering team can provide end-to-end project management.

Custom Machinery – We use our expertise to design and build custom machinery and automated systems that meet your specifications, performing build-to-print services for existing designs. We can also make your process equipment a reality with the custom design and manufacture of industrial machinery.

Precision Fabrication – We can design and build or build-to-print your precision assembly in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and even other exotic metals. Customers utilize our unique capabilities for large-format five-axis machining as well.

Medical Device Systems – From contract manufacturing of medical systems and instruments, to radiology/oncology/proton therapy equipment manufacturing, Keller Technology can provide your medical device solution. In addition to standard systems, we can help you with products that require unique dosage, packaging, or delivery method.

You’ll find that information and much more, so take a look around, and be sure to contact us to find out how we can fulfill your industrial manufacturing needs.

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