Supporting Build-to-Print Projects 

Created 4 months ago

This image shows how Keller Technology provides engineering support and project management for build-to-print projects.

When you are looking for a build-to-print partner for a complex equipment contract manufacturing project, it’s ok to be selective. Your project viability depends on it. At Keller Technology, you can trust us for high-quality support for your most complex build-to-print projects. We routinely provide support through project management, engineering and procurement expertise. Read on to find out how we can provide support for your build-to-print project, no matter how intricate.

Project Management Expertise

Effective project management is not just a value-added service but a fundamental requirement for success in complex build-to-print machinery projects. Our seasoned project management team plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication and resolving potential roadblocks throughout the project lifecycle.

Leading both client-facing and internal kick-off meetings, our project management team aligns expectations regarding scope, budget and timeline among all stakeholders. Acting as the primary point of contact for customer communication, they diligently address and resolve any issues before the project commences. From start to finish, daily, the project manager handles every aspect of the project, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined process.

Engineering Support

In traditional build-to-print projects, adherence to supplied documentation can pose challenges due to missing drawings or component obsolescence. Recognizing the importance of robust engineering support, our collaboration within the engineering team and with our customers ensures that all issues are proactively addressed before the project initiation. 

Our experienced mechanical, electrical and software engineers bring a wealth of knowledge across various industries, enabling them to handle even the most demanding challenges. Whether it’s equipment upgrades, engineering changes, or incorporating next-generation design enhancements, our engineering support ensures your project aligns with current requirements and industry standards.

Procurement Support

For all build-to-print projects, seamless procurement is critical. At Keller Technology, our procurement expertise ensures the acquisition of necessary materials and components, even when faced with challenges such as missing information, obsolete parts or lead time issues. Close collaboration within our procurement team and with customers guarantees a proactive resolution to any procurement-related issues, setting the stage for successful project execution.

Tell Us About Your Project

Are you prepared to take the next step in your build-to-print project? Keller Technology is here to be your trusted partner. Send us a message and share the details of your project – we are ready to provide the support and expertise needed to make your project a success.

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