Automated Manufacturing Systems Dilemma? Keller Technology Can Help

Created 7 years ago
  • Keller Technology Corporation launches quarterly manufacturing newsletter.
  • Keller has been providing manufacturing solutions since 1918.
  • Our capabilities include early-stage prototype builds, build-to-print services, full-scale production services, and global sourcing.

Welcome to the premier edition of the Keller Technology Corporation Quarterly Newsletter. We’ll be sharing stories about our company and the employees that make us unique, along with relevant articles on a variety of noteworthy scientific and industrial topics.

4 Ways Keller Provides Automated Manufacturing Systems Solutions
Since its founding in 1918, Keller has evolved to meet the growing needs of our diverse customers, while staying true to its mission of providing world-class quality machinery and equipment manufacturing system solutions. As of the present day, our offerings are segmented into four main categories: Industrial Manufacturing Solutions, Custom Machinery, Precision Fabrication, and Medical Device Systems.

Industrial Manufacturing Solutions
Contract Manufacturing

Industrial Automated Manufacturing System Solutions for electromechanical assemblies, high-level assemblies, and turnkey machines and systems is our niche. Keller provides:

  • Manufacturing and engineering services to companies requiring quantity build of products containing a high level of electro-mechanical complexity.
  • Early stage prototype builds, build-to-print services, engineering support, DFM, documentation, product evolution, low volume and full scale production services.
  • Global sourcing capabilities leverage low cost countries for machined and fabricated parts for integration at our ISO registered facilities located in North Carolina and New York.

Whether you have exceeded your in-house capacity, require specific value-added services, or your strategic plans call for outsourcing equipment manufacturing in its entirety–Keller can help!

Custom Machinery
Custom Machinery and Product-Specific Manufacturing Equipment - Keller Technology

From stand-alone machines to entire factory production lines, Keller can:

  • Provide product-specific industrial manufacturing equipment to fulfill your needs.
  • Custom design from customer-provided specifications, or duplicate equipment utilizing documentation provided by your “in-house” engineering group.
  • Use decades of experience to build all types of equipment, from high-speed production lines to ultra-precise metrology equipment.

Our exceptional machine builders and engineers will step up to the most challenging program and deliver quality equipment on schedule.

Precision Fabrication for Scientific Research
Precision Fabrication - 5 Axis Machining - Keller Technology

Keller is a leading provider of equipment for the U.S. Department of Energy National Labs, universities and research facilities, as well as industrial factory customers. We specialize in:

We also have extensive experience machining and welding exotic high temperature alloys. Our capabilities include large envelope five-axis machining, robotic welding and CMM inspection. If you have a program that requires value added assembly of purchased components, Keller can provide the entire module to you aligned, inspected, and documented.

Medical Device Manufacturing Systems
Medical Device Systems - Clean Room Robotics - Keller Technology

Keller provides medical equipment solutions for customers who produce medical devices, pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals, radiopharmaceuticals, radiation therapy and combination devices. Our specialties include:

  • Build-to-print, design-build, and contract manufacturing of diagnostic equipment, process equipment, robotic systems integration, and automation systems.
  • Equipment for life science and other highly regulated industries built to the strictest of governmental and industry quality standards.
  • An ISO 13485 certified facility and internal processes that insure that your machines and systems are built to updated and traceable documentation.

You can trust Keller Technology Corporation to do the job the right way, every time!

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