Manufacturing Services for Medical Equipment

When it comes to the manufacture of complex equipment for the health care industry, such as diagnostic instruments, we understand there are demanding needs for flawless manufacturing. Medical professionals depend on diagnostic readings to deliver safe and effective health care, so it’s important for instruments and devices to perform reliably.

Fortunately, the skilled team at Keller Technology Corporation has decades of experience with the design, build and assembly of capital medical equipment. With expertise in fluidics, opto-mechanics, electro-mechanics and precision motion control, we can support the manufacture of your high-level diagnostic equipment.

Capital Medical Equipment Manufacturing Capabilities and Experience

For manufacturers of diverse medical capital equipment, KTC can serve as an extension of your engineering and manufacturing teams. See how we support customers with contract manufacturing, precision fabrication and custom machinery solutions.

Reasons to Choose KTC

In the development of health care equipment, the stakes are too high to risk selecting an unqualified partner. Choose a company you know you can trust for proven, reliable medical manufacturing.

Medical Equipment Project Profiles

Start Your Project

Our experienced manufacturing teams employ leading techniques, procedures, tools and equipment for projects involving diagnostic and other medical equipment. Talk to a manufacturing specialist at KTC to see if we are the right partner for your needs. 

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