Quality Assurance
Quality Management Systems (QMS) Department Mission Statement It is the mission of Keller Technology Corporation’s Quality Management Systems (QMS) Department to provide clear and concise definition, documentation and training for all internal processes; to ensure each member of KTC has the opportunity to initiate process review; and to contribute to the effort of continual improvement through feedback and participation in the internal auditing system. Ultimately, it is the goal of QMS to ensure that these efforts are reviewed and addressed by management and that each systemic alteration benefits our customers and further aligns our business practices with ISO accreditation and the KTC mission statement. Tools employed by QMS staff to realize this mission include:
  • QMS process documentation and continual improvement programs
  • Project management process documentation and programs
  • Purchasing and material management process documentation and programs
  • Records and data collection dedicated to process analytics and actionable items
  • Customer feedback programs
  • CAPA (corrective and preventative actions) program
  • Project lesson learned database
  • Supplier purchasing controls and performance evaluation
  • ERP based materials management
  • Quality assurance inspection and calibration
  • Continual improvement teams
  • Internal process auditing
  • 100% management review and response
For more information and details about Keller’s Quality Management System and ISO certifications please contact us.