Contract Manufacturing Services for Industrial Machinery

Created 9 years ago
  • Keller Technology focuses on design, fabrication and integration of specialized assemblies and industrial equipment.
  • We have more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
  • Our facilities are located in the United States and South Korea.

Contracting the manufacturing of your sub-assemblies or machinery to a custom manufacturing company is serious business. When your reputation is at stake, you can trust the engineering expertise of Keller Technology Corporation to bring in your project on time and within budget.

Keller Technology efficiently designs, fabricates, and integrates specialized assemblies, equipment, instruments, and systems for leading-edge and hi-tech global consumer, industrial, and scientific industries. With more than 90 years of contract manufacturing experience, Keller Technology has gained the trust of the world’s leading manufacturers in both the public and private sectors.

Quality Contract Manufacturing for Your Business

Are you looking for a contract manufacturing business that can research and produce your complex assemblies or end product, while assuring that your proprietary information and intellectual property will be held in the strictest confidence?

Keller Technology offers precision solutions that include Design and Build services for new products, as well as Build-to-Print services for existing product lines. As experienced contract manufacturers, our specialty is low-medium production volumes of electromechanical assemblies, complex mechanical assemblies, high-level assemblies (HLA), turnkey machines, fully integrated test instruments/systems, and automation equipment.

With facilities in North Carolina, New York, and South Korea, Keller provides more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space for your project needs.

Contact us today to find out how your business could benefit from our specialized contract manufacturing solutions.

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