Types of Vacuum Chambers Offered by Keller

At Keller Technology Corporation, we’re proud to manufacture the future. As an OEM with more than 100 years of precision fabrication experience, we build superior quality vacuum chambers that operate in the high and ultra-high vacuum range. Welded or hog-out; stainless steel, plated steel, or aluminum, Keller executes chamber builds according to your detailed blueprints in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

As an experienced vacuum chamber manufacturer, we understand that each industry and application is unique. We offer three areas of specialization to fit your needs.

Custom vacuum chamber equipment
Custom Vacuum Chamber equipment

Production Chambers for OEM Applications

At Keller, we deliver fully tested vacuum chambers for your sophisticated equipment according to forecasted production requirements, with the ability to ramp up or down based upon industry trends. We supply vacuum chambers to some of the largest OEM equipment manufacturers in the world, and we understand each company and program must be custom tailored to ensure success.

Chamber-Based High-Level Assemblies

For customers desiring a higher level of completion, we provide value-added services to integrate internals and peripherals – such as pumping, thermal and control systems, internal mechanisms, sensing devices, robotics, load locks, electronics, bases, etc. We also test, package and ship according to your strict protocol.

Large Format, Complex Vacuum Chambers

It can be challenging to find a manufacturer for “difficult to build” vacuum chambers. Size, complex geometry and features, tight tolerances, post-weld machining, etc. can really test the capabilities of a vacuum chamber manufacturing company. Fortunately, at Keller we have the infrastructure and experience to complete chambers to your most complex needs, whether you need a one-off custom chamber or a mass-produced chamber for an OEM piece of equipment.

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Wondering how to specify and build custom and precision fabrications?

Whether you’re looking to flesh out a basic idea or you already have a fully-fledged design, you’ll need to put together a documentation package to request a quote. Learn how with our helpful guide.