Vacuum Chamber Testing

With vacuum chambers, each piece must be precisely machined of the proper materials to ensure a leakproof vacuum, then thoroughly tested for precision, performance, and reliability.

We provide vacuum chambers to our customers for semiconductor, photovoltaics, display and research applications. These require rigorous testing to ensure they meet base pressure and leak rate specifications. Keller Technology has the personnel, experience, processes, and tools to perform vacuum through UHV pressure regimes. Reliability is critical and our testing procedures ensure all vacuum chambers will perform to specification.

Vacuum Chamber Manufacturing

Keller Technology has comprehensive vacuum chamber manufacturing capabilities, including large format and production style 5 axis machining, high purity and robotic welding, surface griding and polishing, including hand-finishing, as well as vacuum systems assembly integration and testing.

We meet requirements specific to high and ultra-high vacuum pressure regimes with state-of-the-art ultrasonic material cleaning equipment, bakeout ovens and cleanrooms.

Vacuum Chamber Leak Testing

At Keller Technology, we use dedicated clean rooms to pump down chambers, test for leaks and perform residual gas analysis (RGA)

Our Buffalo, N.Y clean room has recently been expanded and we have updated our vacuum chamber and component cleaning facilities. Atmospheres in our clean rooms are carefully monitored to meet or exceed ISO 7 standards.

We employ helium leak testing and RGA to certify that finished chambers will meet customer specifications.

Personnel working on high and ultra-high vacuum equipment are trained on good practices in cleanliness, part handling/packaging and clean room procedures.

The combination of state-of-the-art facilities, experienced personnel and detailed quality protocols ensure our customers receive clean vacuum chambers and components to their specifications.

A legacy of quality vacuum chambers and components

Keller Technology has been manufacturing, testing, and integrating vacuum chambers and systems since the 1970’s. We are your trusted source for application specific and production OEM vacuum chambers.

Custom vacuum chambers project profiles

choosing vacuum chamber

Wondering how to specify and build custom and precision fabrications?

Whether you’re looking to flesh out a basic idea or you already have a fully-fledged design, you’ll need to put together a documentation package to request a quote. Learn how with our helpful guide.