KTC Engineers Mentor Students in Robot Challenge

Created 6 years ago
  • KTC engineers helped to mentor St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute students.
  • Faculty and KTC representatives worked alongside students to provide guidance in building a working robot.
  • Students participated in First Robotics competition that attracted 50 high school teams.
St. Joseph's Robot Challenge
Robot built by St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute students with the help of faculty and KTC engineers.

Engineers from Keller Technology Corporation’s (KTC) Buffalo location invested in the next generation by taking on a small mentorship roll in conjunction with St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute. Michael Daigler and Matt Mensavage helped students and faculty build a working robot for this year’s FIRST Robotics Finger Lakes Regional Competition at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, NY.

The competition attracted 50 high school teams that had six weeks to design and build a working robot according to competition specifications. The program gives students a glimpse into the professional world of science and technology, encouraging them to meet deadlines and learn what it’s like to actually be an engineer.

The team from St. Joe’s had to employ problem-solving skills prior to the competition when they discovered that their machine fully equipped was 14 lbs. over the maximum weight limit. Testing the hoist uncovered a weak area as well, with a ¼” plate holding the ball nut needing to be reinforced and the locking collar at the top of the ball screen needing to be redesigned – all while considering the total weight of the machine. Lighter parts were substituted resulting in a lighter machine that could still stabilize the robot’s cube handler.

St. Joseph’s Mechanical Lead Mentor Daniel Massing expressed gratitude for Daigler and Mensavage’s help and expertise on the project.

“We appreciated the time you provided to the team and the KTC resources for this year’s competition,” Massing said. “It was a pleasure working with KTC, and we all profited from the experience.”

Learn more about how the students from St. Joe’s prepared for the competition and check out coverage of the FIRST Robotics Competition at RIT in the videos below.

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