What to Look for in a “Build-To-Print” Custom Machinery Builder

Undulator Base Sub-Assemblies CM

Manufacturers frequently have a proprietary process for which they need custom machinery or custom process equipment. Typically, the manufacturer’s core expertise is the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of their product, not in the actual build of their production equipment. In many cases, the design & engineering of manufacturing equipment requires intimate knowledge of internal […]

Utilizing DFM and DFA Principles to Lower Costs and Improve Efficiency

Workers gathered around a desk

  More than any other factor, a product’s design has the greatest impact on the total cost of production. In addition to specifying the materials that the product is made from, the design also directly impacts the types of processes and number of operations that a manufacturer utilizes to produce it on the factory floor. […]

The Importance of a Complete & Accurate Machine Documentation Package

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Custom assembly, processing, and test equipment is utilized by many companies, both small and large, to manufacture the products they sell to their customers. The most complex machinery and systems are generally designed, built, and programmed by an entire team of engineers, technicians, and skilled tradespeople and it can take them thousands of man-hours over […]

Industry Trends & Technological Developments for Machine Vision

Machine Vision Industry Trends

Today’s cutting-edge machine vision systems rely on smaller and faster Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices to collect massive amounts of digital data and report it to powerful cloud-based computers. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems process this data and make decisions based on this input. Recent technological developments in AI have significantly improved processes such as […]

Manufacturing Unscripted Podcast Interview

Interview on Manufacturing Unscripted Podcast

Listen to Barnaby Keller’s interview on the Manufacturing Unscripted podcast. During this episode, Barnaby takes a deep dive into the long history of Keller Technology Corporation. Hear how we adapted our focus over the last 100+ years as automation and market needs changed over time. Barnaby also discusses the challenges and successes we’ve encountered while […]