Autonomous Vehicles and the Increasing Demand for Automated Material Handling

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The global economy, corporate onshoring initiatives and recent shifts in supply chain economics has caused a huge surge in demand for assembly automation and robotic work cells. Material handling, the movement of raw materials and product around the factory, is also becoming increasingly automated. The surge in warehouse automation is expected to continue for a […]

Common Part Transfer Methods for Factory Automation

Common Part Transfer Methods for Factory Automation

When designing a machine or LEAN work cell to assemble a product, it is very common for the engineering team to break a complex assembly process down into the individual elements required to complete the job. These elements or tasks may be manual, automated or a combination of both. They can also be quite different […]

The Trend Towards Outsourcing Vertically Integrated Content in the Semi Tool Industry

Virtually, all semiconductor equipment OEMs outsource at least some of the content of their product to machine shops, fabrication shops and/or sheet metal shops. The benefits of outsourcing are clear: tool producers can leverage comparative advantage and specialization in the supply chain. Increasingly, tool manufacturers of various sizes are beginning to see the advantages of […]

3D Vision and Robotic Bin Picking – Recent Technological Advancements and Recommendations

Robotic bin picking is an extremely challenging task for the teams of engineers who design, build and program this type of cutting-edge automation equipment. Their computerized electro-mechanical systems must identify, locate, grasp and accurately reposition objects that are randomly stacked within the reach of a robotic arm outfitted with a custom end effector. A relatively […]

Pillars of Supply Chain Management

Diligent supply chain management is essential to every successful enterprise. Suppliers provide the materials and critical infrastructure necessary for product realization. They act as agents of delivery for products and they provide the tools, utilities and even training necessary for everyday operations. Managing suppliers and understanding the intricacies of operational supply chain management ensures performance […]

Your Own Biggest Critic: Internal Auditing and Self-Evaluation

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Do your processes work? At what rates of success? How do you know? Auditing is a word most businesses instinctively recoil from with worries about cost, meeting external expectations or being judged unfairly. The prospect of auditing is often considered something best avoided, but there is another way. Audits do not always have to be […]

Why is ISO Important: How ISO standards benefit organizations

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In taking a long look around the manufacturing community it becomes apparent very quickly that many businesses deeply value ISO certifications. Companies across all industries proudly tout registration licenses on their websites and hang certificates on the walls of conference rooms. The questions this naturally leads to is “Why?”. Is it just a membership that […]