Keller Technology Corporation Receives ITAR Registration

Keller Technology Corporation has registered as a manufacturer and exporter with the US Department of State/Directorate of Defense Trade Controls for compliance in International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Part 122. ITAR is the U.S. regulation that controls the sale, manufacture, and distribution of defense and space-related services and materials included on the United States […]

Industry Trends & Technological Developments for Machine Vision

Machine Vision Industry Trends

Today’s cutting-edge machine vision systems rely on smaller and faster Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices to collect massive amounts of digital data and report it to powerful cloud-based computers. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems process this data and make decisions based on this input. Recent technological developments in AI have significantly improved processes such as […]

Manufacturing Unscripted Podcast Interview

Interview on Manufacturing Unscripted Podcast

Listen to Barnaby Keller’s interview on the Manufacturing Unscripted podcast. During this episode, Barnaby takes a deep dive into the long history of Keller Technology Corporation. Hear how we adapted our focus over the last 100+ years as automation and market needs changed over time. Barnaby also discusses the challenges and successes we’ve encountered while […]

Reshoring: The Answer to Lowering Supply Chain Costs

Reshoring: The Answer to Lowering Supply Chain Costs

Recent events have exposed the fragility of global supply chains. At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly learned that much of the PPE needed to respond to the crisis was manufactured overseas, especially in Asia. Manufacturers had previously made the decision to produce their products in countries that had lower overall costs stemming […]

Product Design: An Important Key to Factory Automation Success

Product Design Diagram

Automation equipment comes in many different configurations and formats. Lean work cells, hard automation, robotic assembly cells, flexible palletized conveyor systems, semi-automatic manual workstations, or any combination of these types, are common in today’s factories. The possibilities for different machine concepts are truly limitless. The factory automation solution you utilize, to produce a particular product, […]

Keller Technology Receives Award for Achieving 2020 Annual Waste Stream Reduction Goal


As a participant in Kimberly-Clark’s RightCycle program, Keller Technology Corporation was recently presented a Chelsea Santucci Greenovation Award for achieving its 2020 annual waste stream reduction goal. About RightCycleRightCycle is a solid waste recycling program designed to reduce the amount of non-hazardous solid waste going to landfills. It achieves this milestone by enabling previously hard-to-recycle […]