Overcome Production Capacity with Contract Manufacturing

Advanced Technology companies sometimes face the challenge of producing industrial equipment while also maintaining their core competencies. Frequently, these businesses simply do not have the internal capacity to produce equipment themselves, especially when demand increases. By outsourcing the production of equipment to a contract manufacturer, companies can concentrate their resources and efforts on new product […]

4 Ways to Protect Intellectual Property Rights and Ensure Export Control Compliance

Do you know if your company’s intellectual property is safe? In today’s ultra-competitive business landscape, safeguarding intellectual property and ensuring ITAR compliance with export control regulations are of paramount importance. When selecting a contract manufacturing partner, it is crucial to choose one that prioritizes security, confidentiality and adherence to relevant regulations. At Keller Technology Corporation, […]

Sourcing Precision Fabrication & Welding Work in Today’s Environment

Welder welding inside a tube

In the ever-evolving landscape of precision fabrication and welding, finding the right partner for your complex, technical, or detailed assemblies is essential. Basic fabricators may suffice for simple projects. However, sourcing for highly technical steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or exotic alloy fabrications requires careful consideration and expertise.  That is where precision fabricators like Keller Technology […]

Advancing Welding Techniques With Sub – Arc Welding

Welding tool

As a leading precision and custom fabrication company, we employ advanced welding techniques and equipment to ensure the highest quality finished products for our clients. A new addition to our toolbox is submerged-arc welding (sub-arc welding) (SAW). SAW involves the use of a continuously fed electrode to create an arc that is shielded by a […]

Aseptic System Production: Custom Design & Build

Scientist working on Modern Industrial Machinery.

Aseptic manufacturing systems play a critical role in the production of sterile products in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. As a custom machine builder who addresses cGMP aseptic applications, we understand the importance of designing and building aseptic manufacturing systems that meet the highest standards of sterility and reliability. Maintaining Sterility When it […]

Controlling the CAD Model/Documentation: Frequent Design and Engineering Changes

CAD Software on Computer Screen

As an equipment contract manufacturer, Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) understands that design and engineering changes are inevitable during the product development process and even after designs have been released for production. Frequent changes can lead to challenges in documentation control and keeping CAD models accurate, which can ultimately impact the quality and efficiency of the […]