How to Manage Electro-Mechanical Precision Assembly

Created 8 years ago
Electro-Mechanical Assembly for Complex Equipment - Keller Technolog
  • Complex equipment manufacturing requires skill, infrastructure, and experience.
  • Keller Technology engineers have experience with both build-to-print and design manufacturing projects.
  • The manufacturing process should include testing and documentation to ensure requirements are met.

Precision electro-mechanical assembly of highly technical equipment takes considerable planning and management to ensure the end result meets the required specifications. This is especially true if you turn to a contract manufacturer to bring your precision assembly plans to fruition.

Complex products and equipment require the contract manufacturer to have the requisite skills, infrastructure, and experience to ensure consistent, high-quality results. At Keller Technology Corporation, our niche is custom electro-mechanical precision manufacturing assembly, ultimately delivering your assemblies or equipment on time and according to specifications and production requirements.

The Precision Electro-Mechanical Assembly Manufacturing Process

We begin with either your built-to-print documentation package or you can enlist Keller Technology’s team of experienced engineers to design your complex assembly and see it through to mass production. Keller Technology can provide a number of services to ensure a successful project.

An example of a precision electro-mechanical assembly we provide is for a company in the semiconductor industry. The assembly operates in a high-vacuum environment and is a critical component involved in the control and delivery of “the beam.” An overview of the process involved in the production of this assembly includes:

  • LCC sourcing
  • Supplier optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Customer portal interface
  • Configuration control
  • Precision clean room assembly
  • ECO management
  • In-vacuum functional testing
  • Continual COGS reduction efforts
  • JIT supply to customer factory floor

Each step along the way in the electro-mechanical assembly production process requires following standardized procedures, meeting strict standards, executing testing and providing documentation to meet customer requirements. If you are considering outsourcing a precision manufacturing assembly, contact Keller Technology today.

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