KTC Employee Policy

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to expand in our region, Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) is taking additional steps to protect our employees and to ensure that our facilities remain safe so that we can continue to run our business.

KTC continues to closely monitor and assess developments with COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus). When responding to an infectious disease, we closely follow the recommendations made by our state and county health department, and we monitor and follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plus the World Health Organization.


We are committed to reducing face-to-face interactions and following the social distancing recommendations of the CDC where possible. Starting Tuesday, March 17 and continuing until further notice, we are issuing the following guidance for all employees and temporary agency workers (collectively, Personnel) in Buffalo and Charlotte to reduce face-to-face interactions. All personnel need to practice good personal hygiene which per the CDC includes;

  • No hand shaking or other person to person contact
  • Wash hands frequently using soap and warm water and washing for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Cover any coughs or sneezes with a tissue or by using the inside of your elbow, dispose of tissue immediately


  • KTC has a zero-tolerance sick policy
  • Anyone that is feeling sick in any way should NOT report to work and must report this to your manager immediately via email, text or phone call


  • All interpersonal meetings are immediately prohibited except for mission critical requirements, which must be approved by a Sr. Executive Management
  • All meeting should be replaced via phone or via digital communications (Conference calls and/or WebEx)
  • Personnel should not gather in groups greater than 5, regardless of their location
  • Personnel shall maintain a minimum of 6 feet from person to person
  • Breaks and lunches will be staggered in the shop and any applicable office areas to limit the number of people gathering together


  • Personnel who can meet their job responsibilities by working from home should begin scheduling this with their manager and working with IT immediately.
  • Personnel whose work cannot be done remotely should continue to report to work at their site, but must follow the social distancing and other guidelines as listed here.


  • In consideration of current business work load, as well as an effort to minimize employee interaction and promote a safer work environment, many employees will be asked to immediately commence paid time off. Affected employee will be asked to utilize their available vacation, personal and/or other paid time off for all such days. Several potential Government assistance programs have been discussed and we will provide additional details as they are passed and communicated to employers. Payroll will continue to be processed during the normal weekly, biweekly or monthly cycles.


  • We Are Cancelling All Business Travel Until Further Notice: This will include all business travel, including customer visits and meetings, inter-office travel, sales calls and new customer site visits, conference & tradeshow attendance, and all other business-related trips. No new business travel should be booked until this ban is lifted.
  • Replacing In-Person Customer Events with Digital Events: All in-person customer meetings, interactions, and other events should immediately be changed to digital communications.


  • KTC is Discouraging Personal Travel Domestically and/or Internationally and May Require Personnel Who Have Traveled (or have a household member that has traveled) to NOT Report to Work for 14 Days: We are asking all personnel to be thoughtful about taking personal trips. If any personnel or a member of their household travels, we ask that you notify your supervisor or manager and we will require personnel to complete a questionnaire. All questionnaires will be reviewed by Sr. Executive Management and people may be asked not to return to the office for 14 days in order to determine whether they have any symptoms.
  • We will follow our benefit time guidelines (as mentioned above) for all personnel that are asked not to report to work.


  • Maintenance & Cleaning staff has been instructed to wipe down and disinfect all surfaces that are frequent points of contact on a regular and increased schedule. Staff will be using disinfectant and germicidal wipes more frequently each day. Wiping down handrails and stanchions is already a part of daily duties when employees are cleaning. These steps are in addition to responding quickly to clean up notices and biohazards plus the regular cleaning process.
  • Purchasing staff is working diligently to secure the appropriate amount of maintenance and cleaning supplies. This includes soaps and disinfectants, hand wipes and sanitizers.

More information about our policies regarding COVID-19

Employees with questions on their report to work status should reach out to HR via email ([email protected]) or phone, Mike Confer – Office 2227, cell: 716-260-4173.

The KTC Management Team is continuing to monitor the situation and will be providing updates as the situation continues to evolve. This guidance will be continually reassessed and updated as warranted.