Controlling the CAD Model/Documentation: Frequent Design and Engineering Changes

Created 12 months ago

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As an equipment contract manufacturer, Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) understands that design and engineering changes are inevitable during the product development process and even after designs have been released for production. Frequent changes can lead to challenges in documentation control and keeping CAD models accurate, which can ultimately impact the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process. In this blog post, we discuss how KTC manages documentation and CAD models when frequent design and engineering changes occur.

Our Change Management Process

Keller Technology Corporation has implemented a robust change management process to handle frequent design and engineering changes. This process begins with the completion of a detailed, clear, and concise change request form that outlines the scope of the change. Once the change request form is submitted, it is reviewed by our engineering team to assess the feasibility of the change, its impact on the product cost and delivery schedule.

Updates to Product Documentation

Following the change request approval, the updates begin to the product documentation: Bill of Materials, CAD drawings, and work instructions. Ramifications for commercial items also need to be addressed – obsolescence, delivery schedules, cut-in dates, etc. We use a revision control system to ensure that all changes are tracked and documented, and we maintain a comprehensive history of all changes made to the product.

Ensuring Accurate CAD Models

In addition to managing product documentation, Keller can also manage CAD models to ensure that they are up-to-date and accurately reflect the current product design. KTC uses a centralized database to manage our customer’s CAD models, which allows us to track all changes, and revisions made to the models. Our engineering team can effectively communicate and collaborate with our customers regarding revisions, even when working remotely.

How Keller Technology Can Help

As an equipment contract manufacturer, Keller Technology understands the importance of controlling documentation and CAD models when frequent design and engineering changes occur. Our robust change management process ensures we are able to effectively handle constant product updates.

Looking for a partner to assist with your design and engineering process? Contact Keller Technology today to get started.

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