Vacuum Chamber Markets Served

At Keller Technology, we specialize in producing custom vacuum chambers for a variety of markets and industries. Key markets include semiconductor fab tool OEMs, medical equipment that is accelerator- and cyclotron-based, as well as advanced research facilities, such as the US DOE National Lab’s particle accelerator complex.

Keller Technology specializes in medium-to-large format chambers with complex geometry and post-weld machining requirements. Our manufacturing facilities feature large envelope 5 axis production-style machining centers, robotic welding equipment, material cleaning facilities and clean room assembly and test areas.

We have the capacity to produce custom vacuum chambers in quantity, and with quick turnaround, to support your business or organization’s needs. Take a look at a few of the markets we serve and reach out to team to quote your next precision fabrication project.

Vacuum chamber markets and applications

The technological capabilities at KTC are applicable to a wide variety of markets, providing solutions for the needs of private industry as well as government research institutions. KTC can manufacture vacuum chambers for applications ranging from semiconductor equipment to particle accelerator components.

Semiconductor and related industries

Vacuum technology is critical to the semiconductor business, including manufacture of silicon wafers and microchips. KTC provides vacuum chambers as well as integrated vacuum systems and modules to semi fab tool OEMs.

National labs​

KTC supplies the US DOEs National Labs with vacuum chambers, systems and components.  Applications include:


Expanding on our experience in the semiconductor industry, we also perform many applications for the related industry of Photovoltaics (PV), including:

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Custom vacuum chambers project profiles

choosing vacuum chamber

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