Keller Technology Corporation Celebrates Milestones

Created 8 years ago
Keller Technology Corporation Celebrates Milestones

Employees at Keller Technology Corporation’s Charlotte, NC, location gathered to celebrate not one, but two important milestones: nearly 100 years in business and workplace safety.

On Feb. 5, Keller associates enjoyed some celebratory cake commemorating the company’s 98 years in business. Founded in 1918, Keller currently offers custom machinery, contract manufacturing, and precision fabrication, a far cry from the original equipment the company produced.

“We’ve certainly come a long way from our beginnings providing buffing services and machinery,” noted Robert Paschka, Vice President and General Manager.

In addition, Keller celebrated another outstanding year of safety within the workplace, with a record of zero lost time injuries for the Charlotte facility for 2015.

“Employee safety is paramount at Keller,” Paschka said. “It is continuously monitored and reviewed by the Safety Committee and the Emergency Response Team.”

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