Advanced Machine Tool debuts at Keller Technology Corporation

Created 4 years ago
Keller Technology DMC 210 U

Keller Technology Corporation has commissioned a new machine tool from DMG MORI.  The new 5-axis universal milling machine, DMC 210 U, is noteworthy for the following features:

  • Large working envelope: 82.6 x 82.6 x 49.3 inches.
  • Automatic tool changer; up to 303 tools.
  • High-speed 5 pallet rotary pallet changer: enabling operators to perform multiple setups for subsequent machining tasks while the current machining sequence is executed.
  • High-accuracy machining.
  • 15,000 RPM
  • Right angle machining head for tight space machining requirements.

With an eye towards international competitiveness, and potential reshoring opportunities, the combination of a high-capacity automatic tool changer coupled with the rotary pallet changer, the 5-axis universal milling machine decreases the time required between operations – improving speed, efficiency and quality.  In fact, for appropriate projects with the proper setup, the DMC 210 U enables lights-out, unattended machining.

Since 1918, Keller Technology Corporation has been assisting customers with industrial manufacturing.  We invite you to have a look at from your mobile device, or computer to learn more about our service offerings.

Sincerely, The Keller Technology Team

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