Sourcing Precision Fabrication & Welding Work in Today’s Environment

Created 11 months ago

Welder welding inside a tube

In the ever-evolving landscape of precision fabrication and welding, finding the right partner for your complex, technical, or detailed assemblies is essential. Basic fabricators may suffice for simple projects. However, sourcing for highly technical steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or exotic alloy fabrications requires careful consideration and expertise. 

That is where precision fabricators like Keller Technology come in. 

Range of Processes Needed for Precision Fabrication 

Gone are the days when welding alone would suffice. Today’s precision fabrication demands a comprehensive range of processes, including machining, testing, hand finishing, and mechanical precision assembly.  

Whether you’re dealing with vacuum chambers, ASME code pressure vessels, or process chambers, the fabricator must possess the necessary manufacturing engineering and test engineering expertise to deliver exceptional results.  

Additionally, specific knowledge of materials of construction is vital for qualification purposes. To meet the stringent requirements of applications that demand contaminant-free environments, proper machine lubricants and effective separation of non-ferrous metals from steel are critical. 

Furthermore, controlled environments, clean rooms, and advanced cleaning facilities may be necessary for assembly and testing in certain cases. For high-volume production of precision fabrications, the utilization of cutting-edge equipment like robotic welding cells and high-speed machine tools might be essential. A robust quality management system (QMS) plays a pivotal role in ensuring that all critical welds, inspections, and tests are accurately executed and comprehensively documented. Given the complex and multi-step nature of precision fabrication, rigorous project management becomes crucial to meeting schedule and cost targets. 

Delivering Custom Solutions for Today’s High-Stakes Applications  

At Keller Technology, we understand the significance of top-notch, custom precision fabrication and welding solutions. Our facilities are equipped to handle the diverse needs of clients in semiconductor, homeland security, healthcare, and other industries.  

With a focus on machining, testing, hand finishing, and mechanical assembly—not just welding—we ensure that each precision assembly meets the highest standards. Our controlled environments, including clean room and cleaning facilities, are designed to support the demanding requirements of precision fabrication.  

To round out the process, our robust QMS guarantees that tests are performed with precision and documentation is thorough. 

If you require high-end, specialized equipment for your unique needs, look no further than Keller Technology.  

Contact us today to discuss your precision fabrication and welding requirements and discover how we can deliver custom solutions that excel under pressure.

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