Specializing in high-end equipment for high-end applications, it’s our mission to deliver custom fabrications, components and equipment that perform under pressure. View our precision solutions.

Since 1918, KTC has supported clients with high-quality manufacturing services, including pressure vessels that meet ASME safety standards.

From collimator assemblies to beam delivery systems, we provide contract manufacturing services for serial production projects.

As a longtime supplier of custom-made systems, KTC offers vacuum chamber construction for a number of industrial applications.

Combining high speed and heavy-duty machining, our CNC milling tool machines highly complex shapes with a single setup.

With expansive manufacturing facilities and industry-leading equipment, KTC is well positioned to take on large-scale precision fabrication.

To ensure quality patient care, health care devices must be fabricated for reliability with skill and precision.

If you require highly complex vacuum assemblies or in-vacuum mechatronics, KTC has the experience and capacity to take on your next project.

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